We embed ethics, quality, optimized businesses and world class management systems in every process within organisations

We strive to deliver SHEQ and risk management services, throughout the entire value chain

Our WOE Group founder members, are all professionals in the risk and SHEQ Management fields in education, consulting and auditing and are extremely passionate about what we strive for. The WOE Group of companies is there to walk the journey with our Business Partners and we pride ourselves in the way that we conduct business, the experience of our team and the innovative value that we bring.

About Us

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to bring ethics into the business world of today, through value-driven solutions, honest and transparent relationships and walking the journey of compliance and international best practices with our Business Partners. We attempt to make learning fun, bring new solutions and innovation to assist our customers with risk management principles implementation and deliver high quality certification and audit services, at competitive prices.

The World of Ethics Group of Companies

The World of Ethics Group of Companies, have been structured with three operating entities, with each one being a legal entity on its own. Through the WOE Group, we are able to support every part of the value chain through

Ethikos Academy (Pty) Ltd

Certification Services

Ethical Excellence (Pty) Ltd

Our Services

Enhance every part of the value chain with WOE Group

From Training, Certification and Auditing services we are able to support all industry sectors through our three operating systems.

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Certification Services

Auditing Services

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We are driven by value, powered by purpose and propelled by innovation

We will not take short cuts, we will not compromise legal and ethical standards and we will ensure the WOE Business Partners receive innovative support and quality service with every engagement. Contact us for more information on how we can help you

Latest News

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We have not experienced such a crisis in our lifetimes. September 11, 2001, was a traumatic event [with a tragic impact) but is not comparable

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