ISO 45001/5 and the Pandemic

The ISO/PAS 45005 will support organisations that have legal requirements, and with other requirements to which the implemented ISO 45001 requirements, but it can be organisation subscribes that relates to its OH&S hazards when followed by any organisation, irrespective of the other writing the policy. suite of standards that they conform to. It provides a practical framework and will help inform the thinking of PROCEDURE FOR IDENTIFICATION OF THE LEGAL employers about various aspects of the management of AND OTHER REQUIREMENT S Covid-19 related risks. The next step is in clause 6.1.3 — Determining legal and other The standard further provides guidelines and supports requirements, where the standard requires you to establish a the use of remote working technology — a concept that has process for identifying and accessing the legal and other OH&S changed the way that we work, most probably forever. requirements that are applicable to the organisation.

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